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Ethan Lopez
Ethan Lopez

[S4E13] The Curse

Gardner shows Jackson the artifacts from the Stewart expedition, which are rumored to be cursed. Sarah realizes a gold amulet is missing. Jackson goes to the storage area of the museum, where he finds an Egyptian burial jar which Dr. Jordan had been forbidden to open by the Egyptian government. Jackson calls Major Samantha Carter to inform her that the canopic jar has Egyptian hieroglyphs and Goa'uld symbols on it. Jackson takes the jar to the SGC. Jackson calls Teal'c, fishing in Minnesota with Colonel Jack O'Neill, for help with a translation from Goa'uld of the line "banished to oblivion."

[S4E13] The Curse

In Legacies' latest episode, the Super Squad plans to welcome Alaric home with a party after his spirit was reunited with his body. While Jed (played by Ben Levin) and his new crush Ben try to rig a confetti gun for the big event, Hope crashes the party with a plan to "manipulate" the Headmaster and mock his new cane. She tries to convince the squad to help her battle the gods that are out to defeat her. For once, they say no to Hope's plan. But this only leads Hope to break Ben's monster-protecting-bracelet and bring back his curse. Hope imagines they'll accept her deal once they need her help to survive.

After Diane and her middle school friends trample upon the grave of an infamous cannibal and poke fun at his abominable deeds, they quickly regret their actions; a young Debbie Allen is at the low point of her life when she is visited by the spirit of her deceased grandmother; Kevin and his girlfriend take an early morning drive around a local lake and encounter a ghastly dead bride searching for revenge; Debbie Matenopoulos moves into a fabulous Hollywood estate and soon discovers that the home is cursed.

The Spell of Shattered Sight is a curse featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. From the cursed shards of the Trolden Glass, it can be used to activate the spell of Shattered Sight, which infects people and makes them see the worst in everything and everyone, including themselves. The caster has to cultivate dark magic for many years in order to be powerful enough to be able to cast a spell over many people. The spell can only be broken if the enactor sacrifices themselves.

The Sleeping Curse is a curse on ABC's Once Upon a Time. Whoever is cursed by it falls into a death-like sleep, but that person can usually only fall under the Sleeping Curse if they do it willingly and - like any curse - it can only be broken by True Love's kiss.

The Poisoned Apple was an apple which had the Sleeping Curse injected into it. Regina used it to curse Snow White. It was later retrieved by Regina, who made it into an apple turnover in an attempt to curse Emma Swan. Instead, it cursed Henry, but the curse was broken by true love's kiss.

Legacies season 4, episode 13, "Was This The Monster You Saw?" revealed Jed's werewolf origins and tragic backstory, and it finally explained his character arc and why he's such a different person now than he was at the start of the show. It's been long-established in The Vampire Diaries lore that in order to trigger their werewolf curse and turn for the first time, a dormant werewolf has to kill someone, whether intentionally or accidentally. As it turns out, Jed killed his own father. His father had been an abusive bully and commanded a young Jed to fight his childhood best friend to the death to trigger his werewolf curse. Rather than kill his friend, however, Jed revealed that he turned on his father and killed him, instead. With the full story of who and how his father had been, Legacies finally provided context for why Jed's personality arc has seemed so weird and dramatic.

At a nearby mountain, Rumplestiltskin points out to the ladies that the curse, concealed in an orb, lies within the deepest part of the area, but to reach it they must first get through a series of obstacles perfectly suited to their talents. After they complete the tasks, they hand the orb to Rumplestiltskin, who reveals he was simply using them and leaves them to die at the hands of the demon Chernobog, the Guardian of the mountain. The ladies hide from the demon, who seeks the person with the heart that has the darkest potential, until Maleficent notices a large crack in the wall that would provide escape. The ladies come out of hiding and while Chernobog targets Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella escape. Maleficent, thinking they are abandoning her, fights off the demon until Ursula rescues her by using her tentacles to pull her to safety.

Issei purges the curse of his Sacred Gear and stands up once again, in his form as a Queen piece. Sairaorg and Issei duke it out in one final fist fight where winner takes all. After that, the only thing he has to worry about is his confession to Rias...

Later, Mary is furious, demanding to know why the other students are getting rewarded while she is not. Zatanna explains that it is not a reward, and that Mary is just not ready for it, is too much like "him". That she is too attracted to power, without caring where the power comes from. The argument draws the attention of Fate, who demands to know what is being discussed. Reluctantly, Zatanna describes her plan to have Fate alternate hosts between herself, her father, Khalid and Traci, with each acting as host for one week out of four. This would give Fate a continually fresh host, and allow the hosts a life of their own. Fate notes that Mary is powerful, but Zatanna says she is not ready. She offers to work with her more, but Mary is incensed and demands to be sent home to Fawcett City, which Fate does. Fate agrees to Zatanna's proposal, but there is one more that must be convinced; Fate removes his helmet, and Zatara instantly declines, saying he took the helmet to save his daughter from the curse. Zatanna tells him he did it to protect her as child, but he is missing her whole life, and his own. She is ready to share the burden. Zatara relents. Khalid then takes Zatanna aside. He tells her that he is on board, that his uncle Kent was his hero and that like her he has a family obligation to take on the Helmet of Fate. But he also questions why Zatanna allowed Mary to do what she did only to penalize her after, whether Traci really understood what she was getting into and whether she would be able to put aside her altruism in favor of protecting the balance. He also asks if Zatanna had planned this all along, taking on protégés with the explicit intention of using them to free her father. Zatanna does not answer him, instead going to Traci to tell her that she is not obligated to do this, but that she is 18 and can make her own choices. Traci is in. Khalid volunteers to take on the helmet first, giving Zatanna and Zatara time together and Traci a chance to discuss the matter with her father. He dons the helmet, becoming Doctor Fate. 041b061a72


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