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Ethan Lopez
Ethan Lopez

Buy Used Tanning Bed is the industry leader in used tanning beds and supplies including Ergoline, Soltron, Sundash and Luxura tanning beds. On our website you can browse models of some of the best commercial and residential home tanning beds for sale. Used tanning beds for under $1000. Contact us today for additional information and images for any of the tanning bed models shown on our site. We also buy used tanning beds.We also are a supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including disinfectants, virucide, N95 face masks, hygienic gloves, non-touch thermometers, acrylic sneeze guards and more.

buy used tanning bed

We are looking for reliable and detail oriented people to work as Tanning Bed Installers and Repair Technicians! Our personnel travel throughout the midwest and to the west coast on a regular basis. If you are electronically / mechanically inclined and can logically work through troubleshooting steps to solve issues with electronic tanning beds, please contact our Human Resources Manager at 800-994-8484 or email about joining our growing team.

Suntan Supply was launched in 1994 by brothers Bill and Marty Gallagher. What began as a small company, operating from their garage, became what it is today - one of the largest, full service distributors of tanning equipment in the United States.

We've taken the headache out of purchasing a used tanning by doing all the research and ensuring quality tanning beds. Our all demo and used tanning beds include a full six-month warranty. So when you choose a tanning bed, rest assured knowing it passes our strict inspection standards

Delivering immediate color for dazzling results, the Sundazzler by Heartland Tanning is the answer for vertical tanning. This unit is powered by 54 160 watt lamps for a 10 minute tanning session. This unit has beautiful accent lights that show the beauty of luxurious tanning at its best. Has fantastic customer appeal with the accent lighting in this standup unit.

If you have made the decision to buy a used tanning bed rather than a brand-new one, you are already one step ahead. Buying used tanning bed is not always about cost savings; budget or no budget, sometimes a used tanning bed is a much better option than a brand-new one. Even better, you should have good luck buying a used tanning bed because they typically last for a long time with good care and routine maintenance. For this reason, you want to find a reputable seller or retailer.

Although there are several online and Internet retailers available today, buying something of significant size like a tanning bed can really add up in fees and shipping costs. Because of their large size, buying a tanning bed through an online retailer will present a wide range of problems if by any chance you are not happy with your purchase and wish to return it. Not only are shipping costs and fees quite high for online use tanning bed purchases, but returns are not free, and are usually quite expensive. You can end up paying upwards of 10 to 20% more just and shipping costs for use tanning bed.

As mentioned, it is important that you find a rabbit or seller or retailer when shopping around for use tanning bed. One of the best and most reputable resources you could choose would be a tanning salon. Oftentimes, tanning salons need to make room for new, innovative beds, so they place their older models in storage. Also, there are several Indianapolis tanning salons that simply have extra tanning beds for sale and advertise them locally.

If you are buying a used tanning bed, it is very likely that it is going to be an older model. For this reason, it is important to educate yourself on the features and client reviews of some of the most popular older make and model tanning beds. This will help you decide which beds you are interested in looking at, and which ones are most compatible with your tanning and complexion goals. Perhaps you are looking for a lay down, conventional tanning bed, or you need a standup tanning bed because you are constricted on space. Learning about these common make and models will help you make the best purchasing decision.

If you do all of this research, and you still cannot find a good deal on a used tanning bed in your area, you are not out of luck. Simply visit your local broad Ripple tanning salon for the best tanning packages and highest quality tanning beds around. Indoor tanning is always evolving in terms of technology and client amenities, so continue indulging yourself for now, and worry about buying a used tanning bed at another time!

When thinking about purchasing a used tanning bed, consider buying one from a salon, one of the best places from which to get used tanning beds. Many times, salons will sell their older beds if their business is shutting down, they are scaling down, or when they are upgrading all of their machines.

Tanning salons are the best place to buy used beds from because they usually have top of the line, high quality beds. They also keep their beds really well maintained and usually have all of the original documentation from the sale of the beds. Even if you end up having to pay a little more for the bed, it may be worth it because you know you are getting a good machine.

Your used indoor tanning bed should come to you without needing any immediate maintenance. However, if you use the bed often, you will need to perform cleaning and possibly other types of repairs on the indoor tanning bed. Just because your indoor tanning bed comes set up with all of the proper parts, doesn't mean you shouldn't educate yourself and learn about your options when it comes to indoor tanning bed replacement parts. You will need to know when to replace your indoor tanning bed's lamps, how to get the proper voltage, getting the best timer and more. Keeping your indoor tanning bed updated will allow you to relax while tanning and keep your used indoor tanning bed lasting as long as possible.

The seller shouldn't have any qualms about your trying the bed out if it is a bed in satisfactory condition. You will want to make sure that you feel comfortable in the tanning bed, it works to your liking, and that the bulbs are strong enough. It will also do you some good to talk to the owner and listen to any advice about the bed that they may have to give you from their experience.

If you cannot possibly try the tanning bed out before purchasing it, make sure the return policy leaves plenty of room for you to return it if it is not to your liking. You don't want to be stuck with a tanning bed you are not comfortable in.

Used home tanning beds can be a wonderful purchase to people who want to stay tan but don't have the time to constantly go to the tanning salon, and don't have the money to purchase a new bed. In fact, purchasing your own used home tanning bed can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially considering how costly it is to buy a package of tanning minutes at a salon these days. So, while you will have to spend some money to get a high quality used home tanning bed, you will save time and money on salon visits. If you do the right research, your used home tanning bed can be just as valuable as a brand new home tanning bed, and will be a lot less costly.

When you are purchasing a used tanning bed, make sure you get all of the original documentation that came with it, especially the receipt from the original purchase of the bed. This is important so that you can prove ownership and make sure you are getting the proper replacement parts.

You also want to make sure you have your hands on the owner's manual if possible. This is important in case you need to make any repairs on the used tanning bed in the future. Since tanning beds are changing so frequently and models can vary so much from one another, it is important that you have the owner's manual the came with the used tanning bed you are purchasing.

While it's obviously important for you to do your own research when you're purchasing a used home tanning bed, you should also try to get the advice of professionals. Master Tanning can provide with you with experts and information you need . They have a special number you can call to learn about their used tanning bed availability and will answer any questions you have regarding used tanning beds. It also may be safer for your to buy your used tanning bed through a site like this rather than from an individual who you may not be able to contact if anything goes wrong with the bed. To speak about used tanning beds with an expert at Master Tanning, call 1-800-552-4446.

Before you purchase a used tanning bed from an individual, you need to find out why the individual is selling the bed. There are many good reasons why a person could choose to sell their tanning bed, but you need to make sure they don't have ill intentions.

One of the main reasons people sell their tanning beds is because they are moving house and no longer having room for it or don't have a way to transport it. However, some people may be having trouble with their beds or they may be broken, and therefore, they want to sell them. These are the people you need to be careful about. If the seller has no good reason why they want to sell it, you should be very cautious in the transaction. Be sure to ask if the tanning bed has had any problems that you should be aware of before agreeing to purchase.

If you are thinking about residential tanning beds but you're not sure if you want to make a huge financial commitment, a used tanning bed may be a good option for you. Many salons trade in perfectly good older models for more stylish units, which can be a benefit when you find a good used tanning bed for sale. If you find a used commercial tanning bed that works, but it looks a little worse-for-wear, there are products on the market to resurface and paint used tanning beds. If you are on a strict budget and you really crave a home tanning unit, a used tanning canopy is an affordable option. 041b061a72


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