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Miles Baker
Miles Baker

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A few weeks ago, before a 9:00 pm EST "Monday Night Foootball" game between the Philadlephia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys, ABC-TV aired a "racy" promo featuring a blond character from the series "Desperate Housewives" seducing Terrell Owens, an Eagles player. The towel that was wrapped around her falls to the ground in the end, but all we see is her bare back (no breasts, no buttocks). The uproar that followed the airing of this was cataclysmic, wirh the most common complaint being, "How dare you air something like this when little children are watching!"

Let's consider this objection for a moment. First, the promo was more playful than titillating. Could it cause some naive kids who don't know anything about sex to ask a question or two? Of course, but I would guess that most kids old/mature enough to be watching MNF already know a thing or two about sex. (Children are never as innocent as their parents believe.) But a more salient point is that it's apparently not okay for kids to see Nicolette Sheridan bat her eyes and coo at Terrell Owens, but it is okay for them to watch football, which is the modern equivalent of gladiatorial bouts. (This is not a criticism; I like football, but I also recognize it for what it is.) Football is violent - more violent than any other sport seen regularly on American television. And the package comes complete with beer commercials featuring scantily clad women (remember the catfight in the mud?) and spots for Cialis, Viagra, and various other erectile dysfunction drugs. Does anyone other than me see a disconnect here? Bone-cruching tackles and beer ads: good. Nicolette Sheridan dropping her towel off-camera: bad.

The naked human form can be beautiful or it can be ugly, but it is what it is. The prime objection to nudity by those who find it offensive is that it can "promote impure thoughts." In the case of titillating nudity or simulated sex, this is unquestionably true, so let's remove those instances from the equation. Yet, when refering to a simple image of female breasts displayed in an unprovocative manner, the objection remains. When a movie shows a woman showering or posing nude for a painter, it is still to be shunned. Why? Again, because such images can "promote impure thoughts." 041b061a72


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