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Ethan Lopez
Ethan Lopez

__LINK__ Download Driver Modem Huawei E160 Untuk Windows 7

I download Huawei modem plus software. and my device unlock within few minuites. I already unlock huawei e1550, when i unlock the speed of surfing was 1-2mbps. but after disconnect next time I got poor speed, Is there any thing like service provider controlling our speed? ans. please.

Download Driver Modem Huawei E160 Untuk Windows 7


Hello Kelvin, I downloaded both unlocking software from the MEGA link, both are not working on my computer which runs the latest windows 10. If I ignore the windows error messages the software starts but not detects the modem (HUAWEI E1762), even not if the COM port is manually entered. Actually this modem is already unlocked and I have a mobile partner version running which supports calls. But when making calls it say immediately call failed. Can anybody here confirm that the E1762 is actually able to make calls?


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