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Miles Baker
Miles Baker

Where To Buy Welding Lens

Just put the XL in my Miller helmet. fit was perfect and then I welded with it....OH MY GOD!!! The clarity is so much better than I experieced with my older Digital Elite. It is amazing !!! Sounds corny but this is by far the clearest lens that I have used. Showed it to my High school students (I teach high school welding) and they all want one now. Hopefully it holds up to years of use and abuse!!

where to buy welding lens

Very nice to use a product that works as well as advertised. I have been welding for forty years, never have I been so satisfied with seeing true colors, especially with a auto darkening lense. I have used a gold #10, for along time. The settings are extremely nice, and the options are equally as useful and convenient. I look forward to seeing true colors and clarity now. Highly recommend and am getting my coworkers to get the same benefits as I do when using this lense.

For the money, I don't think you can beat it. Superb clarity, fast switch speed. I only use my Miller for Tig welding now, as it says right in the ad people, "NOT FOR TIG WELDING". Now mind you, I've only had it for 2 weeks, so I can't speak for longevity.

This one of the clearest lenses I have ever used. I have a couple other hoods I use depending on the task at hand and none of them compare to the clarity of these lenses. Just one warning. DO NOT use a lense wipe on the glass of the lens. They will scratch the glass.

Hi, I'm Evgeny and I'm a welder from Russia. After reading the reviews, I decided to buy myself this lens for welding pipelines, and it was my best purchase in 2021. I see the welding puddle as clearly as I have never seen it before, and my eyes do not get tired with long work. Many thanks to Marco and his team. Greetings from snowy Russian Siberia)

Amplified Welding's welding lens case is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their welding lenses safe and protected. Welding lenses are often expensive and delicate, and they can easily get scratched, cracked, or damaged if they are not properly stored or handled. The Amplified Welding case provides multiple layers of protection against dust, water, drops, impacts, and shocks, which can occur frequently in a welding environment. By using this case, welders can ensure that their lenses remain in top condition, providing clear vision and optimal protection during welding projects. Investing in a high-quality welding lens case like this one is a smart move for anyone who values their equipment and wants to prolong its lifespan.

The welding lens consists of one UV/IR interference filter (which blocks out UV and IR radiation), three polarization filters (which darken the light that passes through them, kind of like sunglasses) and two liquid crystal cells, or LC cells (which bend the light that passes through them).

The UV/IR interference filter is in the front and is made of glass and metallic layers, which reflect 99.99% of the IR radiation. In conjunction with the three polarization filters, they absorb up to 99.9997% UV radiation. This is when the lens is switched off.

This lens is quite versatile. It offers a broad color range and hues, both in light and dark states. The variable shade ranges from 8 to 13 and the light state is at shade 3. The two independent sensors provide a quick switch from light to dark state.

My favorite thing about this welding lens, however, are the recessed controls. You can set the sensitivity, shade, and delay to your own preferences depending on your working environment or the type of application.

Different types of welding produce a different light intensity. This is why you can get different fixed shade lenses or adjustable shade lenses. For stick and TIG welding, the shading should be between shade 9 and 13, and for the other types of welding, it should be between shade 10 and 13. But the exact shade you choose depends on individual preference.

The display can filter out certain color tones, and this can make all the difference in how you see the weld puddle and eventually, the actual quality of the weld. The difference between red and orange is very important when welding, so the more real the colors, the easier it is to distinguish between the two.

Not only that, but true colors seriously reduce eye fatigue. Luckily, most of the new welding lenses offer a very realistic picture. But the tint color is again a matter of personal preference, as some feel like a blue tint is more gentle on the eyes.

At Safety Protection Glasses, we are constantly looking out for the needs of our customers. That being said, many of our customers work in industrial environments and segments. Therefore, many of the men and women that we supply safety glasses for are welders. These important customers need welding glasses or welding goggles in order to protect their eyesight while they work in often hazardous conditions. At Safety Protection Glasses, we are proud to cater to these hardworking customers. If you are looking for the best place to find your welding glasses, look no further than!

Welding glasses provide the wearer with a certain degree of eye protection while the wearing is cutting and welding on the job. It is highly important that welders have eye protection while any forms of welding and cutting happen. In fact, this is because the welding glasses protect the eyes from the heat and optical radiation produced by the welding, such as the intense ultraviolet light produced by an electric arc. This is the number one reason why Safety Protection Glasses wants to make sure its welding customers eyes have protection in any welding situation. Additionally, welding glasses also protect the eyes from sparks or debris.

This is crucial as well, as many working environments involving welding can be highly unpredictable. Also, in addition to just welding glasses, a full face mask is a piece of equipment available for arc welding. It is important to have the perfect pair of welding glasses to go with this other crucial welding protective equipment. A worrisome aspect of welding is that the UV and IR wavelengths present in many jobs are invisible. They can produce eye injury without the victim realising it immediately. This is why we want to outfit our customers with the proper gear to prevent this unseen damage from happening.

In fact, extremely dark filters help for the welder to be able to look at the intensely glowing metal welding. Most welding helmets actually have two lenses. These lenses are a shaded lens, and a protective front lens. The lens is typically tint glass. However, in recent years, welding lenses can be polycarbonate in addition to the traditional glass lenses. In fact, this is what protects your eyes from the light and radiation coming from the weld site. The front lens protects the lens from dust and debris and is usually plastic.

At Safety Protection Glasses, our welding glasses have the design of shade lenses. These shades are useful during torch soldering, brazing and cutting. If arc welding, ensure that you wear the required darker lens. All welding glasses need to be ANSI Z87. 1-2010 certified, and we are proud to meet that requirement at Safety Protection Glasses. Also, we may see green lenses on your welding glasses. In fact, green lenses block infrared (IR) light and protect the eyes from heat. They offer good protection from nearby flash or exposure. We are proud to offer this exceptional level of protection.

Safety Protection Glasses carries a range of Welding Safety Products including torching and brazing eyewear, glass window sheeting, and welding lenses that can be used for all welding applications. Our welding green lens offers maximum protection from harmful IR, UV, and bright light associated with welding. We also carry shades from 4-14, eyewear for specific applications. Additionally, we carry our green welding sheeting which can be provided in custom sizes. The welding collection by Safety Protection Glasses is German glass with no distortion, striations or bubbles that are typically found in other welding lenses. Our German glass is of the highest quality and provides excellent protection. Cheque out our Welding Safety Products today!

The Lincoln 3350 provides exceptional visual clarity, earning a 1/1/1/1 rating in the auto-darkening category. Its true-color 4C lens allows you to see your work with unparalleled accuracy, making it an excellent choice for those who demand the highest level of precision. 041b061a72


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