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Miles Baker
Miles Baker

[S2E9] Identity

The identity of this man is Martin Haywood, a guy who was part of the SFPD until a few weeks back. It turns out Aames actually planted him in the Sons of Ivar as an undercover cop. Only, he ended up getting too deep and lost his marriage in the process.

[S2E9] Identity

"Well, s***," Oliver accurately summarizes later when Mabel reveals the truth. "Sparring Partners" ends with Cinda taking the criminal mastermind spot on the investigation board, but Poppy is not the only one lying about her identity.

Lying about identity is one link through all three storylines and Rose also reveals that Cinda went to see her. While it seems we have all the puzzle pieces, the picture remains fuzzy and there is only one episode left to shift into focus.

The previous episode saw Fushi rescue Prince Bonchien from his death penalty, after which the Prince of Uralis had to start life with a new identity. This is when he learned about Iris and how she worked under Bonchien all this time as Todo. It was later revealed how Kahaku's Nokker was able to communicate with others.

To Your Eternity season 2 episode 9, titled Growing Consciousness, opens with Fushi's battle against the Nokkers at the Head Church of the Church of Bennett as he kept changing his forms to avoid revealing his identity. However, given the large-scale attack of the Nokkers, countless people lost their lives, as Fushi himself lost five of his vessels - Uroy, Gugu, Shin, Ligard, and Parona.

How is the French culinary culture and identity so unique? Does it live up to the hype? How does bread relate to identity and culture? It is the synthesis of diverse cultural heritages that makes French gastronomy one of the most emblematic expressions of French culture, which encompasses processes from "farm to fork," and of which the culinary arts are only an element?

Last week, Selina caused a stir when she apologized for the cover-up of the presence CIA spy among some U.S. students held hostage some weeks back. She was actually just as in the dark about the spy's identity as everyone else in the country. But heaven forbid she admit being out of the loop.

The episode opens with Hachiman lying down on the sofa embarrassed about his request to the service club leading him to roll down. Komachi enters the room and questions Hachiman. Hachiman answers her that he is going through a minor identity crisis. Komachi imitates Hachiman in explaining things to him which Hachiman finds to be not amusing. Komachi further states that it is not possible to change Hachiman's personality but regardless this is the type of person that Komachi likes.

Station 19 was called out when a park ranger found a woman in a park with a head injury who didn't know who she was or what had happened. They examined her and looked for signs of her identity. Maya found a picture of a child labelled Jason in her shoe, but she said she didn't know who he was. They took her to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but she said she didn't want to be there, despite having asked to go to the hospital before. Later, when dropping another patient off at Seattle Presbyterian Hospital, they spotted her loitering outside the hospital. They took her to the Aid Car to check on her and called Grey Sloan, who said she'd left immediately after they dropped her off. The police had identified her as a fugitive and asked the firefighters to keep her there until they arrived. She then confessed to them that her son was at the hospital having surgery that day, so she didn't go to her sentencing because she wanted to see him before his surgery. With Ryan's help, she was able to see her son before surrendering herself.

The Sobotka detail is dismayed when they realize the smuggling ring has changed their operating procedures. Daniels assigns Herc and Carver to watch the warehouse as Bunk, Freamon, Prez, and Beadie man their remaining wiretaps. McNulty visits Terrence "Fitz" Fitzhugh, his FBI contact, and apologizes for his actions last time they met. Fitz agrees to look into Glekas but finds that his FBI file has been sealed by an Agent Koutris, who is working for the Greek and tips him off about the focus on Glekas. Beadie sees a container go missing and Carver and Herc observe its arrival at the warehouse. Eton Ben-Eleazer, Vondas' lieutenant, orders one of his men to record the license plates of cars nearby. McNulty infiltrates the brothel under his assumed identity of the British john. McNulty engages two prostitutes as he calls for the rest of the team to intervene. When they arrive and arrest the patrons they find McNulty having sex with them. McNulty writes a statement which is witnessed by an aghast Pearlman.

Alchemy of Souls season 2 episode 9 begins with Jang Uk questioning Naksu about her identity but all she says is that she is a soul shifter who remembered her identity when the blue mark reappeared. Now she asks Jang Uk what he will do with this information but before he can reply the crown prince arrives and interrupts the two.

Now, the only way to ensure peace is to not let anyone know about her identity; she also tells him that this is what she and Jang Uk have decided. Elsewhere, Jang Uk decides to go to the North Fortress and tells Kim Do-ju that he will be unable to attend her wedding with Park Jin.

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