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Miles Baker
Miles Baker

Swarm Arena Full Crack [PC]

The Spawned Swarm are even better than they ever were in Shadowmoor. They are quite large and require a larger deck to successfully fight. Using the 1/1/1 Servo is really only a gimmick with most of the fun and challenges of the set in their presence. Thankfully there are many other Servos with abilities that can be useful.

Swarm Arena full crack [PC]

The behemoth set in this set has some of the craziest mechanics to standard we've ever seen. It is pretty amazing how this set stayed relevant for almost 7 years. That is something to be proud of as there are a lot of cards and certain rares that came from this set that are staples in the game. With the title of one of the best sets of all time, don't just crack it open for the quests, the cards, the party, the chaos and the chance to see these things for the first time ever. Crack it open now and imagine the world you'll be able to play in once it rotates.

This set was all about the squigs. It felt like the new things that were introduced in this set were fresh and fun enough to bring some nostalgia to many players. There were some crazy new mechanics that made it difficult to find the best decks for this set. These two things combined together made the set a rollercoaster of the best cards and deck archetypes. If you have any veteran players in your group be sure to crack it open for them because they'll love it.

Furthermore, if you've followed my advice to fight everything with Sonic Eruptor shots, you should have enough to get you through most hunts on your own. If you need a boost, then just check that glowing grey orb every few rounds and you'll be nicely buffed. No good hunter would go without that knowledge. That's all for the general guide. Now, onto my full strategy for each hunt.


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