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Miles Baker
Miles Baker

Wii Homebrew Apps Package Download WORK Download WORK And Reviews

This is a (preview!!) of a graphical front end to the "get" package manager, for downloading and managing installed homebrew apps on the Switch console itself. This is a spiritual successor to the Wii U Homebrew app store.

Wii Homebrew Apps Package Download Download And Reviews

It has a very basic text-based interface for downloading and installing homebrew. I would like feedback from the community on what works and doesn't work with this format. Going forward for the 1.0 release, I want to complete the visuals in #1. Please leave feedback here.

This .nro is hardcoded to load repo data from The get package manager supports multiple repositories configured in a json file, but to properly handle DNS lookup I would want #2 to be finished first.

It crashes sometimes when downloading some files. I think it has to do with files that are pre-installed on the SD card before downloading them through the app. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated (#3)

Thanks for checking out this app preview and reporting any feedback. I want the "get" package manager to be as versatile as possible to handle future apps, and also to backport these changes to the Wii U, so that it can also benefit from these enhancements.

Step 2. Select the appstore and homebrew-launcher folders on your computer, right-click them and select Copy. Open the WiiU/apps directory in the SD card, and then right-click the empty area in the folder and select Paste.

Step 4. Install games from the SD card to USB drive. If you want to play the games from an external drive like USB, you can download them to the USB, and then insert it into your Wii U while playing the games. Of course, you can skip this step.


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